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Contents Spring 2001

From the NAS President
  Expanding Our Outreach Has Become a Mandate, Not an Option

Education & Research
  How to Make Math Education Count
  Improving learning for students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade

  Testing English-Language Learners
  Are we setting certain students up for a fall?

Engineering & Technology
  Watching the Ice Melt
  Using NASA's polar ice data to study global climate change

  The Future of Antipersonnel Landmines
  Promising technologies could replace at least some by 2006

Health, Safety, & Social Issues
  How Much Vitamin A?
  New research leads to updated recommended dietary guidelines

  Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Workplace
  What science has to say about job-related pain

  Clearing the Smoke Around Modified Tobacco
  Novel products need rigorous study -- and regulation

Environment & Resources
  Relieving Congestion on the Heartland's Main Waterway
  Things the Army Corps of Engineers should consider before spending $1 billion

  Climate Change and Infectious Disease
  Is global warming causing diseases to spread?

  The Consequences of Uninsurance
  An IOM committee hears from experts in the field

  A New Strategy for Fighting Biological Terrorism
  by Donald Henderson
  What kind of infrastructure will be needed to counter an attack?

Brief takes
  • The status of Atlantic salmon
  • Juvenile crime and justice
  • Improving learning with information technology

  Jump-starting an Appreciation for Science
  by May Berenbaum
  Using people's fear of insects to inspire imagination and cultivate interest

  New Projects & Publications


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