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Contents Winter/Spring 2010

From the NAS President
  Maintaining Scientific Integrity

Education & Social Sciences
  Tackling the National Debt
  Report offers several paths to fiscal stability
  Program Partners U.S. and Pakistani Scientists
  Competitive grants aim to boost university research, improve well-being in Pakistan

Environment & Resources
  Shedding Light on Energy's Hidden Costs
  Damages should be part of the picture when making energy choices
  Untapped Potential
  Natural gas supplies could be augmented by methane hydrate deposits

Engineering & Technology
  Plug-in Potential
  Will new electric vehicles have an impact on our oil addiction?
  Calling All Frequencies
  How to share the radio spectrum and meet the needs of all its users

Health & Safety
  Clearing the Air About Smoking Bans
  New report dispels uncertainties about secondhand smoke and bans
  A Healthy Menu for School Meals
  Updating nutrition standards for national meal programs

  Live From Africa … It's Science in Action!
  The African Science Academy Development Initiative holds its fifth annual conference in Accra, Ghana

Brief Takes
  • NAS, IOM Members to Serve as Science Envoys to Muslim World
  • InterAcademy Council to Review IPCC
  • NAS Hosts Premiere and Discussion with 'Whiz Kids'

New Publications

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