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Contents Summer 2010

From the NAE President
  Answering the Call

Environment & Resources
  An End to Business As Usual
  New suite of reports urges action on climate change
  GE Crops Set the Stage for Growth, But Uncertainties Remain
  Overuse could diminish effectiveness of the technology

Engineering & Technology
  Time to Lift the Pedal From the Metal
  Two reports review ways to significantly reduce vehicle fuel consumption
  Eye on the Sky
  Government and scientists can do more to identify dangerous space objects

Health & Safety
  Under Pressure
  Getting a handle on hypertension
  Breaking the Silence on Hepatitis
  A national strategy to prevent and control a "silent epidemic"

Education & Social Issues
  The Best Way to Teach a Teacher?
  No single approach gets an "A"
  Coming Home
  Easing the transition for a new generation of veterans

  Restoring the Home of Science
  A major renovation gets under way on Constitution Avenue

New Publications

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