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Contents Fall/Winter 2010

From the IOM President
  Rethinking Africa's Challenges

Environment & Resources
  A Sea Change
  Is U.S. prepared for a major tsunami?
  A Brighter Line for Oversight
  Modernizing how we keep track of dangerous biological agents

Engineering & Technology
  New Horizons
  Decadal survey identifies top priorities for astronomy and astrophysics
  Reality Check
  Biometric recognition systems not as infallible as many believe

Health & Safety
  Food Safety in America
  A better approach to reducing foodborne illness
  A Progress Report on Women's Health Research
  Gains made in some areas, less progress in others

Education & Social Sciences
  Tapping a Reservoir of S&T Talent
  Underrepresented minorities would help meet nation's needs
  Inventions Great and Small Pay Off
  Taking research from the university lab to marketplace

  Academies Take Aim at Africa's Afflictions

  Science and Engineering Festival Inspires and Entertains
  Academies' tent draws more than 11,000 visitors

New Publications

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