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Contents Spring 2011

From the NAS President
  In Service to Our Nation and World

  FBI and the Anthrax Letters
  New report assesses scientific approaches used in the investigation
  In the Defense of Food and Health
  The need for a new, more modern lab to study hazardous animal pathogens

Engineering & Technology
  Drilling for Answers
  What went wrong during the Deepwater Horizon accident?
  The Next Level for Computer Performance
  Without action, rapid advances in information technology could stall

Health & Safety
  Bone-Building Nutrients
  IOM updates dietary intakes for calcium and vitamin D
  Healthier Fare
  Updating nutrition standards for a USDA food program

Education & Social Sciences
  Why U.S. Life Spans Fall Short
  Obesity, past smoking among the culprits
  Weighing the Impacts of School Reforms in D.C.
  Report offers plan for evaluating the District of Columbia's public schools

  An Aging Asia
  Report and Conferences Explore Challenges Ahead

  Lights, Camera, Educate!
  Using Entertainment to Spark Interest in Learning Science

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