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Contents Fall 2011

From the Editors
  Bill Colglazier, Farewell and Hello

Environment & Resources
  Plans to Restore Two Bays Receive Expert Reviews
  Chesapeake and California's Bay Delta restoration programs evaluated
  Under the Ice
  Research in one of the world's last frontiers

Engineering & Technology
  Should U.S. Physics Research Go Underground?
  Experiments deep beneath the Earth's surface could provide significant breakthroughs
  Taking Out the Space Trash
  A recent report warns orbital debris is making space operations riskier

Health & Safety
  Just Baby Fat?
  Habits for healthy weight need to start young
  Relieving America’s Crisis of Pain
  An integrated approach to pain treatment, management, and prevention

Education & Social Issues
  Envisioning a New Path for K-12 Science Education
  What needs to change in American classrooms?
  Pilot Fatigue
  Do commutes pose a flight risk?

  A Conversation About America’s Climate Choices

  Health Data Initiative Forum Highlights New Health Apps and Innovation Challenges

  National Academies Press Grants Free, Global Access to All Reports

New Projects & Publications

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