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Contents Spring 2012

From the Editors
  National Academy of Sciences 150th Celebrated at Library of Congress

Environment & Resources
  Wastewater’s Potential
  Tapping into reclaimed water for multiple uses
  Uranium Mining in Virginia
  Risks need to be addressed, many unknowns remain

Engineering & Technology
  A Final Word on Unintended Acceleration
  Controversy provides insights for the future
  Lessons From the Deepwater Horizon
  Companies need a “systems safety” approach to anticipating and managing possible dangers

Health & Safety
  Healthy Foods at a Glance
  A universal rating system could make it easier to spot healthier choices
  Are Chimps Necessary for Research?
  Only under stringent conditions, concludes report

Education & Social Issues
  Helping Teachers and Students ‘Think Evolutionarily’
  Initiative seeks ways to teach evolution across the life sciences
  Immigration Enforcement
  Better planning could lead to better performance

Brief Takes
  • Interactive Video Game Puts Science in Students’ Hands

New Publications

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