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Contents Winter 2012

From the Editors
  Celebrating 150 Years of Service to the Nation

Environment & Resources
  A Look at the Nation's Animal Disease Research Needs
  Reports examine issues surrounding proposed biosecurity lab in Kansas
  Rising Seas Along America's West Coast
  An evaluation of sea-level rise – past, present, and future

Energy & Safety
  Inherently Vulnerable
  Complexity and diversity of the electric power system could be easily exploited
  On Shaky Ground?
  Energy projects and their potential for inducing earthquakes

Work-force Needs
  Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care in Key Populations
  Two reports examine the scope of these conditions among older Americans and the military
  Veterinarians Protect Humans Too
  Report assesses work-force needs in veterinary medicine

Education & Social Issues
  Aging and the Economy
  The fiscal and economic challenges of an older population
  Juvenile Justice Reform
  Aligning the system with the science

  Strong Research Universities and U.S. Prosperity
  A new report identifies critical actions for maintaining highest-quality U.S. research institutions
  A Legacy in Radiation Health Effect Research
  Important findings of one of our oldest ongoing studies may still lie ahead

  The Science of Communicating Science
  A colloquium explores how to communicate effectively about science

Brief Takes
  • The Weight of the Nation
  • A New Push to Build Disaster Resilience
  • New Initiative Highlights Contributions of Behavioral and Social Sciences

New Publications

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