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Contents Summer 2013

  Making a Difference Through Private Giving

Environment & Resources
  Icons of the American West
  Report offers science-based strategies for managing wild horses and burros
  NAS Launches New Research Program on Gulf of Mexico
  A new 30-year effort to protect Gulf region begins

Engineering & Technology
  Earth-Friendly Vehicles and Fuels
  What will it take for Americans to buy into alternatives?
  Diluted Bitumen
  A crude oil like any other?

Health & Safety
  War's Aftermath
  Easing the return to civilian life
  A Weak Link in the Drug Supply Chain
  Combating flawed and falsified drugs

Education & Social Issues
  America's Health Disadvantage
  U.S. health from an international perspective
  Mine Safety
  Ensuring miners' ability to escape from disasters

  Obama Speaks at NAS Annual Meeting

  Global Grand Challenges Summit

New Publications

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