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Contents Spring 2014

From the Editors
  Academies Welcome New Institute of Medicine President

Environment & Resources
  Abrupt Climate Change
  Early warning system could help predict rapid changes in climate before it's too late
  Helping Depleted Fisheries Recover
  Report recommends steps to rebuild valuable stocks

Engineering & Technology
  The Lay of the Land
  Satellite data and computer models provide an invaluable understanding of Earth's surface
  The Nation's Cybersecurity Workforce
  Measures useful in selecting job candidates also risk excluding talented workers

Health & Safety
  Concussions and Young Athletes
  The growing concern over sports-related head injuries
  A Crisis in Cancer Care
  Charting a new course for treating cancer

Education & Social Issues
  Protecting Our Nation's Youth
  Reports highlight need for stronger efforts to prevent abuse and sex trafficking of minors
  How Are You, Really?
  Measuring well-being to inform policy

  Science Communication Initiatives

  National Convocation on Strengthening U.S. Research Universities

New Publications

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