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Contents Fall 2014

Environment & Resources
  The New Arctic
  Changing climate opens door for new opportunities, but also invites new risks
  The Promise of Microbial Forensics
  Building a better toolbox against biological pathogens

Engineering & Technology
  A Pathway to Mars
  The Red Planet may be the next giant leap for mankind, but getting there will require numerous challenging steps
  The Future of Autonomous Flight
  Unmanned and increasingly autonomous aircraft have the potential to revolutionize civil aviation

Health & Safety
  Learning From Fukushima
  Report examines lessons for the U.S.
  Improving Treatment Programs for PTSD
  A coordinated and comprehensive strategy needed

Education & Social Issues
  The Rising Rate of Incarceration in the U.S.
  Exploring the causes and consequences
  Financing Graduate Medical Education
  The 50-year-old system for funding physician training needs overhaul

  Supporting Science, Technology, and Innovation in Africa

New Publications

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