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Contents Winter 2014

Health & Safety
  Dying in America
  Report calls for overhaul of end-of-life care
  Coming of Age
  Young adulthood is not what it used to be

Education & Social Issues
  Mistaken Identification
  Improving the accuracy of eyewitness IDs in criminal cases
  Safe Science
  Promoting safety in academic labs

Environment & Resources
  Looking to the Future
  NAS unveils strategic plan for Gulf Research Program
  A Different Approach Needed to Reduce Coastal Risk
  Report finds misalignment of risk, reward, resources, and responsibility

Engineering & Technology
  A New Kind of Space Race
  The potential of space-based 3-D printing
  The Frontline of Safe Skies
  Determining air traffic controller staffing needs

  Preparing for Ebola
  Workshop explores research that could aid U.S. efforts

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