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Contents Spring/Summer 2015

Health & Safety
  Medical Misnomer
  New name and diagnostic criteria needed for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  White Potato Should Be Allowed on the WIC List
  Once maligned, potatoes may help reduce nutritional shortfalls

Education & Social Issues
  The U.S. Tobacco Trade
  Reports examine age regulations and the illicit market
  The Postdoctoral Experience
  A reality far from ideal

Environment & Resources
  Climate Intervention
  Manipulating the climate through certain technologies not viable at present
  Sea Change
  Setting the course for the next decade of ocean science research

Engineering & Technology
  The Future of Manufacturing
  Strengthening innovation, productivity, and workforce training in the U.S.
  Bulk Collection of Signals Intelligence
  Are there feasible alternatives?

  Ambassadors for Science and Engineering
  Pittsburgh program brings expertise and evidence to local decision making

  Arab-American Frontiers Program
  A unique opportunity for building scientific bridges

Brief Takes
  Inspiring a New Generation of Engineers
  Prime Minister of Japan Speaks at NAS

New Publications

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