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Contents Spring 2002

From the IOM President
  Institute of Medicine Stands Ready to Face New Challenges in the 21st Century

Education & Research
  Time to Improve Tech Literacy
  U.S. policy-makers, educators need a new approach to technology education

  Racial, Ethnic Disparities in Special and Gifted Education
  High-quality instruction and early intervention are key to meeting children's needs

Engineering & Technology
  A Blueprint for Saving Lives
  Better building methods can make terrorist attacks less lethal

  Rollover and Ratings
  How useful and accurate is the current five-star system?

Health, Safety, & Social Issues
  Pursuing Promising Areas -- and Setting Boundaries -- in Human Cloning Research
  A National Academies panel probes the scientific and medical aspects of human reproductive cloning

  Can Air Travelers Breathe Easy?
  A new look at air quality on planes

Environment & Resources
  Climate Change Shows That History Indeed Repeats Itself ... Abruptly
  Improving our understanding of what sparks sudden climate change

  Bringing Back the Big Muddy
  Ecological recovery of the Missouri River calls for a new strategy

  It's Time to Improve Methods for Breast-Cancer Detection
  by Maria Carolina Hinestrosa

Brief Takes
  • What to Do With Russia's Nuclear Waste?
  • A Global Campaign to Improve Human Health
  A Misfit Scientist Goes to Washington
  by Melissa Marino
  A doctoral candidate writes about her experience at the Academies and exploring career options as a young scientist.

New Projects & Publications


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