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Contents Summer/Fall 2002

From the NAS President
  Science and Technology Are Essentials That No Nation Can Afford to Ignore

Education & Research
  Surveying the Landscape of Opportunity
  What contributes to social and economic disparities among neighborhoods?
  From Grad School to Grade School
  Attracting Ph.D.s to K-12 education

Engineering & Technology
  Space Exploration for the Next Decade
  Missions to Pluto-Kuiper Belt and Europa should top NASA's agenda
  A Big Future for Small Science
  Ensuring the promise of nanotechnology
  Pushing the Limits
  Are trucks too big and heavy?

Health, Safety, & Social Issues
  A Child-Safe Internet
  Multifaceted approach needed to protect kids online
  How Many of the Elderly Are Abused or Neglected?
  The answer requires an expanded research effort
  Suicidal Tendencies
  Curbing the nation's suicide rate

Environment & Resources
  The Myriad Sources of Oil in the Sea
  How millions of gallons wind up in North American oceans each year
  Murky Waters
  Will the Everglades restoration clarify nearby Florida Bay?

Science & Society
  Science's Call to Duty
  The National Academies take a thorough look at terrorism and search for ways to counter the most dangerous threats facing the United States.

  Mitchell Gift to Endow Academies' Efforts in Sustainability Science

Brief Takes
  • Getting the 'Big Dig' Back on Track
  • A Stop to Underage Drinking

New Projects & Publications


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