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Contents Winter/Spring 2003

From the NAE President
  Adjusting the Balance Point Between Openness and Security

Education & Research
  Beyond Our Own Backyard
  Learning more from global studies in education
  Agriculture: More Than Just Farming
  Shifting the focus of research efforts to take on today's issues

Engineering & Technology
  Tracking the Elusive Neutrino
  Tiny particles may help answer big questions
  Geographic Information Systems for Housing and Urban Development
  How GIS can help HUD provide affordable housing in vibrant communities

Health, Safety, & Social Issues
  Building Blocks to Health Care Reform
  Model projects to target some of the most serious problems
  A Prescription for Ailing Public Health
  Two reports offer blueprints for needed reforms

Environment & Resources
  Adding Up the Effects of Oil and Gas Development in Alaska
  Most exhaustive study to date of environmental and social effects
  Fair Weather: Public vs. Private Forecasting
  Meeting the public's and industry's needs for weather information

Science & Society
  Safeguarding National Security and Science
  The National Academies explore ways to balance openness and security

Brief Takes
  • Preventing Obesity in America's Children
  • The New M.O. of Business

New Projects & Publications


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