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Contents Summer 2003

From the IOM President

  SARS and the Threat of Emerging Infections

Education & Social Issues
  Wanted: Team Players in Proposed Education Partnership
  A bold new system to link education R&D with everyday practice
  In the Line of Duty
  Closing gaps in research on policing

Engineering & Technology
  Art and Technology: A New Approach to an Old Unity
  Cultivating collaboration and innovation at the intersection of IT and creativity
  Army Agility Depends on Modern Mobility
  Strengthening the backbone of military operations with lightweight materials

Health & Safety
  A Call to Action Against Microbial Threats
  Meeting the challenges posed by new and re-emerging infectious diseases
  On Guard Against an Old Menace
  IOM advises first-of-its-kind immunization effort against smallpox

Environment & Resources
  A Regulatory Success Story
  Controlling carbon monoxide pollution
  Derailing Bioterrorism
  Atmospheric models can help track hazardous materials

  New Teacher Advisory Council Injects Classroom Realities Into Education Research

  New Initiative Strives to Advance the Potential of Interdisciplinary Research

Brief Takes
  • Raising the Voice of Science in Africa
  • Freed Egyptian Sociologist Visits National Academies
  • Homeland Security Science Chief Sworn In

New Projects & Publications

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