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Contents Fall/Winter 2004

From the NAS President
  Science in Society for the 21st Century

Health & Safety
  The Battle of the Bulge
  National campaign needed to curb childhood obesity
  The Fight Against AIDS and Malaria
  Dealing a blow to Third World diseases

Research & Social Issues
  Public or Private?
  The debate over open access to genetic data on pathogens
  In the National Interest
  Ensuring the best S&T advice and leadership

Engineering & Technology
  Secure at Sea
  Key steps for rapid response to attacks in U.S. seaports
  Nanotechnology Conference Encourages Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  Futures Initiative offers venue to discuss research opportunities across disciplines

Environment & Resources
  Putting a Price Tag on Ecosystems
  An oft-overlooked value in environmental decision-making
  Untapped Potential
  Focus needed to fire up research on natural gas source

  Making Sense of a Big Screen Ice Age
  by Richard B. Alley
  From the former chair of a Research Council committee that recently examined abrupt climate change

  Anderson Interns Bring a Fresh View to the National Academies
  by Fateema Blackwell
  An Anderson Intern writes about the experience for her and for her fellow interns

  A Nuclear Tipping Point?
  NAS hosts symposium on post-Cold War U.S. nuclear strategy

New Projects & Publications

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