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Contents Fall 2005

From the NAS President
  Supporting Science by Communicating It

Education & Research
  Educating America's Engineers
  The vital role of community colleges
  A Crucial Science Project
  Improving the quality of U.S. high school science labs

Health & Safety
  Blocking Disease at the Border
  Ways to intercept microbial threats from abroad
  Medical Device Monitoring Needs a Boost
  Ensuring safety after products reach the marketplace

Environment & Resources
  Mining for Answers
  Report weighs EPA's decisions on a controversial cleanup
  Rounding Up Disaster Experts
  Research Council provides unparalleled forum for discussions on hazard reduction and disaster response

Engineering & Technology
  Alien Invaders
  Preventing Earth microbes from contaminating Mars
  Engineering Better Health Care
  Tools and strategies that could revolutionize the delivery of care

  Dr. Cicerone Goes to Washington
  An In Focus profile of new National Academy of Sciences President Ralph Cicerone

  News and Terrorism: Communicating in a Crisis
  National Academy of Engineering staffer Randy Atkins recaps a series of workshops held to improve how the news media communicates to the public during a terrorism scenario

  Teens Battle Low Health Literacy in Their Communities
  Project examines local resources to lay a foundation for improving health literacy

New Projects & Publications

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