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Contents Fall 2006

From the NAS President
  Celebrating and Rethinking Science Communication

Environment & Resources
  Counting the Birds and the Bees
  Pollinator populations need to be better monitored
  Polar Changes Heighten Need for New Icebreakers
  Report assesses U.S. capabilities in the Arctic and Antarctic

Health & Safety
  Speed and Safety
  Restoring balance to FDA's drug approval and safety mission
  Pay for Performance
  A strategy to improve health care quality

Engineering & Technology
  The Long Drive Home
  Changing work force will dramatically shift America's commute
  The Scale of Things
  A look at the National Nanotechnology Initiative

Education & Social Issues
  Research Involving Prisoners
  Greater oversight needed to ensure humane, respectful treatment
  A New Lesson Plan for K-8 Science
  Report calls for major shifts in thought about teaching and learning

  State and Local Leaders Explore Ways to Sharpen America's Competitive Edge
  Convocation builds on National Academies report calling for broad national effort to strengthen U.S. competitiveness

Brief Takes
  • MIT's Charles Vest Nominated to Be Next NAE President
  • Academies Recognize Excellent Communication on Evolution, Human History, and Climate Change
  • L'Oreal Honors Women in Science

New Projects & Publications

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