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Contents Summer/Fall 2008

From the IOM President
  A National Conversation on an Aging Society

Education & Social Issues
  At the Top of Their Class
  Are board-certified teachers more effective?
  Gauging the Growth of Democracy
  Evaluation of democracy-building initiatives

Environment & Resources
  A Salty Situation
  Is desalination the answer to increasing the nation's fresh water supplies?
  Through the Woods
  Forest management important for fresh water supplies

Health & Safety
  A Looming Health Bust
  Influx of older patients could overwhelm health system
  Exploring the Final Frontier
  The danger of deep space radiation

Engineering & Technology
  A Vital Role
  Integrating transit into local emergency evacuation plans
  NAE Identifies Messages That Resonate
  Improving the public understanding of engineering

  Many Voices Speak Out on Energy Policy

Brief Takes
  • Grainger Foundation Expands NAE's Frontiers of Engineering
  • Sacklers Establish US-UK Scientific Forum
  • Convocation Keeps an Eye on Gathering Storm

New Projects & Publications

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