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Contents Spring/Summer 2009

From the NAE President
  Facing New and Not-So-New Issues

Education & Social Issues
  Is the Gender Gap Narrowing?
  New data on female faculty in science and engineering
  Science Learning Beyond the Classroom
  What do we really pick up in informal settings?

Environment & Resources
  A Harbor in the Tempest
  Protecting the Crescent City
  On the Horizon of Oceanography
  What will the future hold for the study of our oceans?

Health & Safety
  Unbiased Care
  Report lays out path to end medical conflicts of interest
  Pregnancy Weight Gain
  New guidelines balance benefits and risks

Engineering & Technology
  Fuel of the Future
  Driving the U.S. toward alternative fuels
  Plutonium, Part 2
  The return of a long-defunct isotope program

  A National Response to Climate Change
  Summit kicks off new study

  Obama Speaks to NAS, Announces Major Investments in Research and Education
  In a speech to members of the National Academy of Sciences, President Barack Obama declares to restore science to its rightful place

  How to Keep Science Moving

Published in the April 24 issue of Science, an editorial by NAS President Ralph Cicerone discusses the importance of building on recent enthusiasm for science

Brief Takes
  • Supreme Court Decision Cites Academies Report
  • National Academies Build Playground in D.C.
  • Futures Conference Takes on Complex Systems
  • E.O. Wilson Discusses Fate of Earth’s Species in NAS Lecture

New Publications

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