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Contents Fall 2009

From the IOM President
  Globalization and Science

Education & Social Issues
  Adding Math to Preschool Learning
  Stronger instruction needed early on
  Symposium Eyes the Future of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

Environment & Resources
  On Thin Ice
  Clues to Arctic melt may be found in declassified data
  No Borders for Air Pollutants
  Understanding the long-range transport of pollution

Health & Safety
  Making Good on Global Health
  Reports detail how U.S. leadership can help make a healthier world
  Camp Lejeune's Contaminated Drinking Water
  Serious limitations to further research

Engineering & Technology
  Energizing Times
  The changing face of U.S. energy options
  No Risk, No Reward
  NASA’s high-tech revolutionaries

  Teaching Engineering in the K-12 Classroom

  Longstanding Partnership Gets New Energy
  NAE, DHS, and news association team up again to improve communicating during a crisis

  2009 Marks Anniversaries of Cooperation Between U.S. and Chinese, Russian Scientists

New Publications

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